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http://masterpiececlosets.com/category/reach-in-closets/ Which factors have the greatest influence on the quality of your child’s learning? Most parents, and many teachers too, do not know the answer to that question. This is not surprising because we live in a complex and fast-changing world and we do not have the time or the resources to investigate such things. Yet the future of all our children depends upon how well they learn.

purchase ciprofloxacin online Parents are often anxious about how they can support their children’s education but they do not know where to find answers to questions such as the one above.

http://cobbstreetministries.com/ftpsync.settings The purpose of this blog is to introduce the reader to what lies at the heart of a good education, and what the parent and teacher can do to help maximize their children’s learning. The reader will be presented with useful ideas that are based upon educational research and writing from around the world, and also on what the author has learned from many years’ experience as a teacher and school leader.

This blog is intended for anyone looking for practical advice on how to help their child at school. It is primarily intended for parents of children of any age from 3 to 18 years, but teachers may enjoy reading it too. Posts are written in simple English and avoid the use of confusing educational jargon. References are provided for those who may wish to investigate topics more deeply.

olanzapine 10 mg ingredients Please discuss the ideas in this blog with other parents and with your child’s teachers. You are also invited to discuss the ideas with your child, using an appropriate level of language, of course. Please do not ever underestimate what your child is capable of understanding and acting upon.

Posts are added on the 14th and 28th of every month.  The author wishes to respond to readers’ questions about educational matters, so you are welcome to submit ideas for topics that may be of interest to other parents and teachers.

Thank you, and welcome to the blog.

Nick Bowley

January 2019